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  • Name: ACSR aluminum conductors steel renforced
  • Number: BS 215 PART 2
  • Added time: 2013-08-27
  • Specification:
  • Standard:
  • Voltage:
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The conductor consist of Hard drawn Aluminum wires and Zinc coated steel wires buitl up in concentric layers.

The centre wire or wires are of zinc-coared and the outer layer or layers of Aluminum.

The wires are stranded in successive layers in opposite direction ande the ourer layer is right hand direction Z.

Neutral grease may be applied between the layers of ACSR  except the outer layer.


Construction as per ASTM B 238,BS 215 par2,CSA C49,DIN 48204,IEC 61089.


ACSR bare conductors anr used for overhead high tension power transmission lines having long spans.

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