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  • Name: 175MIL XLP 15 KV Cable One-Third Neutral Copper Conductor
  • Number: 97
  • Added time: 2016-05-25
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For use on single phase and three phase primary underground distribution systems operating at 20kV phase to phase at 100% insulation level. Suitable for either direct burial or installation in ducts.

Copper concentrically stranded compressed conductor, triple single head extruded conductor shield, XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation and easy strippable insulation shield, all dry nitrogen cured; solid bare copper wires uniformly spaced around the cable as a concentric neutral; LLDPE jacket with extruded longitudinal colored stripes, surface printed.


·  AEIC CS8 Specification for Extruded Dielectric Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 through 46kV

·  ICEA S-94-649 Standard for Concentric Neutral Cables Rated 5,000 - 46,000V

·  ICEA T-31-610 Guide for Conducting a Longitudinal Water Penetration Resistance Tests on Blocked Conductors

·  ICEA T-34-664 Test Method for Conducting Longitudinal Water Penetration Resistance Tests on Longitudinal Water Blocked Cables


·  EPR insulation

·  Filled strand

·  Cable core water blocking


·  Ampacities are based on the NEC.

·  Cable Tray: Three single cables, installed in uncovered cable tray in accordance with NEC Section 392.13; operating at 105°C conductor, at an ambient temperature of 40°C.

·  Buried Duct: Three cables per duct operating at 105°C conductor, 20°C ground ambient, earth ρ = 90, 100% load factor.

·  Conduit in Air: Three cables per isolated conduit in air at 40°C; operating at 105°C conductor (NEC Table 310.73).

·  Maximum conductor temperature: 90°C normal continuous, 130°C overload, 250°C short circuit.

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